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Etang d'Araing

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Duration : Return trip
Difference in height : meters
Level :
Altitud Min. : 815 meters
Altitud Max. : 1910 meters
Trail marked number : n°39
Technical feature number: n°39
Color marked trails : Tour du Biros rouge et jaune

IGN Map : Top 25 - 2048 OT - "Vicdessos" et 2047 ET "Massat"
Rando Pyrénées Map : N° 7 "Haute Ariège-Andorre"


Place : parking d'Anglade
Latitude : 42.868176 North
Longitude : 0.936806 West


Of special interest :
Accessible with a dog* (type Labrador) : 0
Allowed with horses : 0
Allowed with Mountain bike : 0
Practicable trails :

You can find hiking documentation for sale (0.75 euros) at the receptions of Aulus les Bains, Pass Port, Guzet Massat, Oust and Seix or in the shop of the Tourist Office of the Haut Couserans or Massat
* Dogs on leads are welcome in the Haut- Couserans


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